Intersectionality and candidate recruitment

Research examining how race, gender, and intersectionality shape candidate recruitment

Election sign

Who ran and won in 2021?

Results from a new analysis of diversity in the 2021 Canadian federal election

Women, power and political representation

Women, Power, and Political Representation named a Hill Times Best Book of 2021

How diverse is Canadian politics?

Introducing a new dataset on the demographics of more than 4,500 federal election candidates


Gender and donations in Canadian elections

We examine more than 1 million donations to Canadian parties and federal candidates over a 25-year period

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The election of Valérie Plante

Did gender matter in the election of Montreal's first woman mayor? Mireille Paquet and I say yes and no

Ethnicity and political donations

An in-depth analysis of donations during the 2015 Canadian election shows evidence of co-ethnic affinity and a high rate of contributions from South Asian Canadians

Race and candidate recruitment

Does who you know matter? This study shows that racialized candidates are most likely to emerge in districts with racialized local party presidents.

Do women do better in municipal politics?

Conventional wisdom suggests local politics will be more open to women, but my research suggests that's not the case.